Our Story

When Garrett Sutton was given the news that his two-year-old son had autism, he was shocked. In the midst of programs designed to help children with autism, he discovered the UNR Early Childhood Autism Program. This program did wonders for his son, making him almost indistinguishable from his peers.

Sutton realized that because of the cost of the UNR program, many families may not be able to afford to put their children in it. He collaborated with Joanne Ryan, who’s son had also gone through the program, and Dr. Patrick Ghezzi, one of the founders of the UNR program. Together, the three decided to form a company to help families better afford to put their children in the program.

Dr Ghezzi, Ryan and Sutton are all on the board of directors now and the company gives scholarships to families to help them afford the program. The money also goes to paying the tutors in the program. In order for optimal success of the program, early detection is the key. By offering funds to help families afford to put their children in the UNR program earlier, the success of the program is greater.

Sierra Kids Foundation gives more and more children the opportunity to live a successful life as an adult. They use the money raised from the Wild West Shootout to help fund scholarships and improve the lives of children with autism.